Best Barnett Crossbows Review 2021

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Best Barnett Crossbows Review

The crossbow concept as a hunting gear is spreading like fire, and people are adopting crossbows for hunting games. Do you also look for the best Barnett crossbow? 

If your answer is yes, then you are right on track. In this article, we are about to explore the best hunting crossbow made by Barnett. Keep on reading to know more about this.

History background of Barnett:

Barnett is a well-known company for its premium quality crossbows in the World. It all was started when Barnett made first hunting crossbow in 1952, then keep on doing and in 1962 came into existence in the United Kingdom as a manufacturing company of crossbows, its popularity increased in the World, and it was not stopped there, in 2003 it was declared on of the most leading company in making crossbows.

Now its headquarters are in Tarpon Springs, Florida, in the United States of America. They are operating their global network from this capital.

Why Barnett’s Crossbows are considered unique?

Barnett crossbows come with blistering speed, Barnett does rely on benchmarking, and it was the first brand that goes for more than 300 Fps. No crossbow couldn’t touch its fast pace. The first company to patent a shoot-through foot stirrup, a quick detach front end, a folding foot stirrup, and pending AVI limbs, and all these features make it unique from the rest others.

Barnett cross is the best option:

Barnett always prioritizes people’s concerns, which is why they are ruling on a hunter’s heart. Customer satisfaction, pleasure, needs, and many more things related to hunter take into its vision and mission statement. Now Barnett offers crossbows in all shapes and designs, including reverse draw step-through riser and compound to their most famous Barnett recurve crossbows. They are very conscious regarding hunter’s issues and try to sort them out.

Design of Barnett Crossbow:

Barnett is famous for its quality crossbows, and they have sold more than one million crossbows across the World. Design of the Barnett crossbows always remains vital in designing this crossbow for those who have sufficient hunting expertise and tailored in the best way. Barnett’s crossbow is available in the market at a lightweight, high power, and reasonable price.

Well-liked model of Barnett:

Barnett offers many different models to its customers with attractive factors, as explained above. These models are considered well-known Vengeance Crossbow Quad 400, Wildcat, Whitetail Hunter, Jackal, Raptor, Ghost, Penetrator, Predator, Youth, and Barnett Recruit. You choose your best hunting gear from all of these to make you hunting season-best.

Best 11 Barnett crossbows Reviews:

Barnett spread a variety of models in the hunter market. It’s not easy to filter all these models and withdraw the best 11, but we tried our best to make the result you are looking for.



From the reviews of people, this crossbow is tested positive, and people always appreciate its speed, power, and accuracy. It is a lightweight crossbow hunter who can hold it a whole day without feeling it a burden. Its small size, lightweight, and high capacity make it affordable.

This crossbow comes with a fast speed of 300 fps, which means a lot. Recruit crossbow is a lightweight crossbow around 6.4 lbs. and it includes a draw weight of 140 lbs. while kinetic energy 91.9 ft-lbs. The dimensions of this crossbow are 33 x 14 x 8 inches.

You can order it at many online stores, and the company will deliver you to your door. It almost assembled crossbow. You don’t need anything regarding its assembling, and it will be ready for practice and hunting.

Recruit crossbow is layer by stainless steel, which means it will be a loyal companion on your journey. When you bought recruit crossbow, you got all these in one package 4×32 scope, lightweight quiver, rope cocking device, lube wax, two 20-inch Headhunter arrows, and a compatible crank cocking device.

We will also highlight its drawbacks. When hunters using this crossbow, its string wears out, and upper limbs crack out after a couple of shots. For lines, we will suggest you use wax after ten shots. It will help you with this. On the other hand, customers have a problem with its extended sight scope, and it creates a situation in taking relief for the eye. Mostly people replaced its scope for their convenience.

Despite its drawback, Barnett Recruit Crossbow is still the best choice because of its lightweight, precise, accurate, and fully assembled. When will you enjoy your game while holding this crossbow in your hand? It does not have a high price for its value.



Barnett Jackal crossbow comes with a high speed of 315 fps, and this crossbow is different from others because it was designed in a military-style, which makes it attractive. It’s a lightweight, relatively compact, and sturdy crossbow due to this, and many hunters adopted this. It also includes some more specs like three bolts arrows and smooth and easy shots due to 3.5 lbs. trigger.

You got all these features with the parcel of jackal crossbow specs are that it shoots at 315 FPS with 150-pound draw weight, bolts, quick-detach quiver, synthetic string, and cable system and premium red dot sight. J Weighs 7.7 pounds with 12-inch power stroke and length of 32.5″ and width 26.5″ with included Weaver rail system to attach any scopes, sites, or Barnett crossbow parts.

It would help if you were very careful regarding its climate storage and strings, so we recommend you purchase a crossbow case and wax and use it after every ten shots. In this, you will play in a secure environment.

Jackal crossbow will make you experience very significant when you game with this crossbow due to its design, accuracy, and lightweight. When you load this Jackal crossbow, you should be very careful and make it clear that odd colored arrow fletching is down because the Jackal crossbow is not a toy.

We will recommend you to read and watch all the references before using it in-game. Barnett Jackal crossbow is perfect for small hunting, even deer or elk hunting, cape buffalo hunting, and grizzly bear.

So, we explored all the dimensions of the Jackal crossbow, and it seems that it lies high on the spectrum of price, but it’s a high affordable crossbow with brilliant features. From the reviews of this crossbow, we have concluded that it doesn’t matter you new in the game or for a long time. It will make a good choice for both of them. You can purchase it from many online stores and get your crossbow at your door.



Barnett Quad 400 comes with a package with a high speed of velocity 345 FPS, draw weight of 150 LBS, arrow length of 22 inches with length 37.5 inches, the power stroke of 15.25 inches, and weight of 9 pounds. It will be a highly recommended crossbow for small hunting like deer or elk hunting, target shooting, and bear or moose hunting. It’s an excellent crossbow.

Whenever a hunter talks about high speed, accuracy, and a powerful crossbow, he cannot miss Quad 400. One more beauty of this crossbow is it is suitable for beginner and experienced players, and its lightweight will not bother you during the journey. You can easily carry this.

Quad 400 includes an illuminated scope. You can take precise aim by using this, and it also offers you to choose the red or green scope for better. When you take your right drive, you need to pull your trigger. Your prey will continue down.

With the package, it also gives you 3 Barnett crossbow arrows. It also includes a detachable lightweight quiver that hooks below the limbs, allowing for the crossbow’s rapid reload. As a hunter, you can not doubt its accuracy because it’s capable of taking down a target from 50 yards.

The quiver can hold the top four Barnett crossbow bolts and arrows. I also include the high-density gas assistant cock, or in other words, it allows for a lightweight composite that makes sure the balance of the crossbow. Otherwise, it may be harmful to the hunter.

 It’s a difficult job to cock the bolts and arrows into place without some support, even though it comes with an integrated cocking device attachment that helps in reloading. So, with high speed and accuracy, it also comes with difficult reloading.

Barnett Quad 400 is a well-known crossbow for its speed and accuracy. Still, as we mentioned, reloading is a problem, especially for beginners. They need some experienced companions on the journey for reloading; otherwise, it may cause injury.

This crossbow owns heavyweight 9lbs, which seem to be pretty good lightweight, but it’s not lightweight. Quad 400 is a sturdy, accurate, and heavy crossbow, and overall, it’s a complete package. You also purchase its accessories easily in online stores.



Wildcat C5 is one of the best-selling crossbows of all time. It was designed for best performance, convenient and high-power crossbow, and it has the quality to catch the hunter’s eye in one glance. In features, it includes multiple things quick-detach quiver and a premium red dot sight with varying dot intensity, thumbhole grip lightweight, vented quad limbs high energy wheels, composite GAM stock, and the all-new crosswire string and cable system.

It is also crank-compatible with an optional attachment, low profile design, and easy installation while maintaining a sleek. It comes almost assembled. You don’t need to bother regarding its set, and you have to unbox and go hunting.

Wildcat C5 has desirable specifications. This Barnett crossbow has a fast speed of 320 FPS, a power stroke of 13 inches, draw weight of 150 pounds with kinetic energy featuring 97 foot-pounds, 20 inches of arrow length with dimensions of 26.75 inches width and 35.25 inches length. Still, it lies high on the spectrum of weight physical weight of 8.5 pounds.

The company gives a guarantee for five years, and the company will be responsible for any technical issue. Wildcat C5 specifically belongs to both beginners and professionals. When you hold this crossbow in your hands, it will increase your excitement for hunting game.

This crossbow’s downside is its string, which usually wears out during hunting game after 5 to 10 shots, but Barnett gives surety of string is about 100 shots. Still, it depends on how well you have maintained your crossbow, but we will suggest using wax after ten shots for playing the smooth game. This crossbow design, comfort level, and accuracy undeniable and belongs to every hunter family whether you are new in-game or a long time in this.

By consistently using wax on the string, you will not suffer from string wear problems, and one more thing when you are purchasing Wildcat C5, you should take with crossbow case it is necessary for crossbow protection from rain and other damages.

This crossbow doesn’t come fully assembled if you are a beginner and didn’t see unassembled crossbows, so don’t confuse and double-checking. You can quickly assemble this by reading instruction or taking help from a person having expertise in this.

For hunter’s convenience manufacturer designed this cross in a way that its arrows can be placed by just one technique, and it also ensures the operator’s safety. Its large stock thumbhole makes easy maneuvering of this Barnett Wildcat C5 crossbow.

You can purchase it from amazon as well as other online hunting gear selling stores. Hopefully, it will be the same gear for which you are looking for.



Raptor crossbow comes with an ideal package and includes rope cocking device, 4×32 scope, lightweight quiver, two 20” headhunter arrows, and lube wax. Besides these, some extra features also belong to Raptor with bristle brush retainer, a pass-through foregrip, and finger safety reminders. Raptor crossbow is assembled fully and ready for practice and hunting just after unboxing it.

Raptor’s Specs is very heart touching like it has a breakneck speed of 350 FPS (frames per second) and draws weight of this crossbow is 150 lbs. Its kinetic energy is 103 ft-lbs. Its dimensions are 33 x 8 x 14 inches, and Raptor has a power stroke of 12.5”. It weighs 6.4 lbs.

A raptor is an excellent option for all hunter’s family categories, including professionals, adults, and newcomers, regardless of its size and shape because it might be tasteless for some archers. The most positive aspect of this crossbow is that there is no negative feed to see from the users regarding its speed, accuracy, and power.

It performs very well as the company mentioned in about. It has a very reasonable price so everyone can afford this.

If you decide to choose the Raptor crossbow as hunting gear, it will be a brilliant choice, and you will get regret it. It will fulfill are your hunting needs and make your hunting season enjoyable. It’s available with accessories in local as well in online stores.



Barnett Predator is one of the blistering speed crossbows with the highest 430 fps. Some hunters are always looking for a high-speed crossbow, and Barnett keeps their concern regarding speed into consideration. With this crossbow speed, it doesn’t lose its accuracy; it can still hit right on the target rapidly without diverting.

Its lightweight makes it more attractive, and its maneuvering is not a demanding job hunter can carry it on their shoulder the whole day without fall down on the knee.

Barnett also gives you a guaranty of stock, trigger mechanism, and limb assembly of five years for its technical issues, which you can claim in case of any problem. Predator is perfect for small and large hunting; you can hit the bull’s eye at the moment with this crossbow.

Predator includes charming feature CNC Machined Aluminum flight track for smooth patented Carbonite step-through riser with string dampeners for stealth-like shooting, quiet and accurate shots. Equipped with Nock Sensor and Anti Dry Fire Trigger System to remove dry-fires and save you from harm, along with finger safety reminders and finger guards.

It is advised to wax strings every ten shots so they do not dent your bow and arrows. It is a little downside because Barnett guarantees that you do not need to wax them until 100 shots.

 Barnett Predator crossbow offers you great specs liked by every hunter includes Rope Cocking Device, premium 1.5-5×32 illuminated Barnett crossbow scope, 430 FPS velocity, Side Mount Quiver, Lube wax, and two 22″ Barnett crossbow arrows (headhunters). It has a draw weight of 187 lbs. with a kinetic energy of 156 Ft. Lbs.

Power stroke 16.25 inches with an average weight of 7.6 kg. also include in the package. It has attractive dimensions: 37.125″ length x 19.75″ width with Axle to Axle 17.8 inches.

Predator doesn’t lie high in the spectrum of price. It has a very reasonable price and is easily affordable; the predator crossbow is available in the local as the okay online dealer.



Ghost crossbow is considered significant for its performance. Most hunters like crossbow are its killer accuracy, easy to assemble, and convenience, and ghost own all these factors; that’s why it rules on the hearts of hunters. Ghost is a long-range crossbow. Its anti-dry system and smooth pull trigger enhance its beauty.

Ghost crossbow is a unique combination of blistering speed and killer accuracy for which hunters always look. It has a fast velocity of 360 fps and capable of hitting on target in a moment. Its design is also very fascinating. It has dimensions of 33 x 13 x 7 inches with 7 pounds, which doesn’t mean a lot.

You can hold it without the specific carrier. You purchase this crossbow from the local and online dealer. It is the best model available on amazon online sports dealer.

Hunters have to face two problems with this crossbow one is regarding its scope and the second one is to draw a vertical and horizontal line. But scope related can be solved easily. You need to spend some extra money and mount a scope on your crossbow.

At the same time, another one can sort out by aligning the crosshairs to form a vertical and horizontal line simultaneously to make sure that the bow is level as well. If you can quickly meet these two situations, you can purchase it will not be a problem.

Ghost crossbow is an excellent crossbow because it comes with an almost complete package, including fast speed, accuracy, and lightweight. All these factors push hunters’ minds to choose it, and it doesn’t deceive its companion on the journey. It doesn’t demand a high price; everyone can afford it. In the end, it will make your trip happy.



Do you ever lose your balance during hunting shots? If your answer is yes, then you should Penetrator into your consideration because it was designed in an okay balance way. It is the perfect crossbow for young archers and newcomers because of its right balance. If your child is interested in the hobby, you can put Penetrator in his hands without worry.

Barnett Penetrator is an excellent crossbow for hunting. It comes with impressive specifications, including a power stroke of 12.5 inches, 350 FPS, draw weight of 175 pounds, 8.6 pounds of average weight (7.9), with 103 Lbs. Kinetic energy and TriggerTech trigger type be sure that this is a great choice and it has a dimension of length 37″ and width 18.25″.

One more positive aspect of this crossbow is its five-year guarantee for its material and workmanship. This is an accurate compound crossbow.

People love this crossbow because it’s fast, accurate, and easy to use. Its assembling is not a difficult job, with no need for any technical knowledge. In no time, you can ready it for the hunt.

The negative aspect of this is a heavyweight and louder crossbow, which is difficult to carry, and it also has problems with the scope you cannot see in this scope. But by adding new scope, you can solve this issue. If you don’t have any heavyweight problem and you can easily then it’s a good option for otherwise, you can see someone else.

Choosing Penetrator as a hunting gear is a good option; it will be a loyal companion on your hunting journey. You can purchase it from online stores as well as from local dealers. When you hold this crossbow, you will feel that you had a good deal of money.



If the fastest speed is your priority in crossbow, then you must consider vengeance crossbow. It offers a blistering pace and many other fascinating features that catch your hearts. Vengeance ability to touch a speed of 365 FPS. Its draw weight is 140 lbs., the stock length is 34.75”, and axle to axle length is 18.38′. With it, 34 x 14 x 8-inch dimensions and it has just weight 7 pounds, making it sure that you are holding one of the most powerful crossbows in your hands.

Barnett vengeance doesn’t come as a fully assembled, you have to put parts together to make it ready for hunting, but if you do not know about this, you should make take help from the Internet. You can search for the technique of assembling.

When you got it fully assembled, then it will be able to take down your prey. Its accuracy, power, and many more things make it a complete package. With big cams, its quad limbs, and reverse draw, it shoots lightning-fast bolts. It highly recommended crossbow for hunters due to its outclass performance.

One more drawback of Vengeance is related to its scope, and most people drop their toughs as feedback that they are facing a problem in scope and it’s making them unable to take a precise aim; it’s a genuine problem in this scope.

Barnett offers Vengeance crossbow at a highly reasonable price with an accurate, robust, and high-speed crossbow, which is the primary demand of every hunter. When you purchase this crossbow, you should be very careful because some people observed flaws and some when they got the faulty piece.

We have good intentions for you may not have to face this situation. But unfortunately, if something happens with you, Barnett will not lose your hand, and they will fulfill your claim.



Barnett youth belongs to women, newcomers in hunting, and injured hunters because it was designed so that they feel comfortable operating it. Barnett youth is different from the rest of the other models in every aspect. It’s a mid-range crossbow.

The includes ergonomic design, durable construction, lightweight materials, and 140 fps, and this Barnett crossbow has a power stroke of 30 lbs, a draw weight of 17 lbs; and weighs 12,5 pounds with dimensions of 34.2 x 18.1 x 8 inches. It will give you excellent results when you are playing your hunting game.

Its features are also making it a bold crossbow includes premium red dot scope, three arrow quiver rope cocking device, and some additional accessories that you will gain are an adjustable butt pad finger reminder and a pass-through foregrip composite flight track.

It’s a lightweight crossbow and easy to use. You can carry this crossbow a whole day without falling on the knee; from the people’s review, this crossbow is tested positive, people are happy by buying this. You can also take advantage of the red dot sight scope. If you are newly hunter and want to quality crossbow, it will be the best option. 



Are you looking for a lightweight, accurate, and fast speed crossbow, then this model of crossbow you must consider. In addition to it, it includes numerous others also. Manufacturer placed cocking assist that makes pulling back the 150-pound limbs without a problem and doable for younger or smaller shooters.

White Tail hunter comes with unique characteristics a draw weight of 150 LBS with a velocity of 350 FPS, and it has a kinetic energy of 103 ft pounds. It has dimensions of 34.25″ length with 18.25″ width, and the total weight is 6.4 pounds with an axle to axle 16.125″and. Trigger Tech Technology with 3lb zero-creep release. 

It has a Nock sensor, all stainless-steel components. And ADF eliminates dry fire. It also includes Barnett crossbow parts of 4×32 Barnett crossbow scope, lightweight quiver rope, cocking device, two 20-inch Headhunter arrows, and lube wax. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or a long time hunting, it’s the best crossbow for you.

The downside of this crossbow is its scope and dry fire protection. For scope, you adjust the scope of another model; Otherwise, it will create an issue for you on your journey. This Barnett crossbow comes at a highly affordable price, and you purchase it from the online dealer and local market.


When you bought crossbow made Barnett, you also get some parts and accessories, including Barnett crossbow case, scope, bolts, arrows, quiver, cocking device, and string. If any part or accessory misplace or wear out, you can purchase its replacement part, to know more about replacement part you can also read from the Internet.


When you bought a crossbow, you must be familiar with methods to keep maintain your Barnett crossbow. Otherwise, your crossbow’s lifetime will decline; it will also create problems during the game. To know more about Manual ways you can make Internet your friend, it will help you a lot regarding this.


Barnett drops a variety of Barnett crossbows in the market, and it’s challenging for some people to decide on a crossbow. We discussed the 11 best crossbows for your help and made you familiar with specs, features, and positive and negative aspects.

Hopefully, by reading this post, you will come to a final point to make your final choice. We wish the crossbow you choose for your hunting gear make your hunting season great and take down your prey.

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