Best Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant Reviews 2021

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Barnett Ghost 420 Revenant Reviews

Barnett Ghost 420 is well known for their crossbows; fans are always excited about the new launching of Barnett. Loyal customer of Barnett was expecting high about Barnett crossbow 420, let’s see they satisfy customers’ needs.

Barnett is developing crossbows for decades and regularly doing that. The company was come into existence in 1962 by the name of Bernard Barnett. Since from the 60s t0 70, Barnett had been making crossbow in the UK. Now in 2020, Now it is owned by another company Plano Synergy Holdings. Barnett Crossbows are always well known for its accurate and powerful compound crossbows.

Barnett Ghost 420 Revanant CRT2, 3 -22", Scp, 420
  • 420 FPS
  • 185 lb. draw weight
  • 15.375" power stroke

New technology, blistering speeds, and overall comfortable, yes this called Barnett ghost crossbow 420 revenant. If you are looking for a decent crossbow in the competitive model, you should take ghost 420 revenant into considerations. This crossbow can bring down the target, and dozens of other features make it more attractive. If you are a crossbow hunter, then you must hold crossbow ghost, 429 revenant.

Pros and Cons of Barnett Ghost 420 fps:

  • Very impressive speeds of up to 420 fps
  • It comes with possessing precision-improving technologies
  • An illuminated scope expands its usability in the field
  • It’s the price is very decent according to features
  • However, there are some of the best accessories you got with purchasing, their quality as a whole does not seem to be a summit with the construction of the bow


Barnett Ghost 420 fps is capable of high speed and power. It is the perfect crossbow for every hunter. A single glance at it attracts the customer and makes you that you are looking for it. This elite class crossbow assembled with premium materials, and it is a decent offer in the marketing concerning competitive models, which lies high on the spectrum of crossbows.

The part of the company’s summit segment suggestively called Carbonite, the Barnett Ghost 420 Revenantequipped a very different kind of carbon assembly for the riser and limbs. This feature makes it very comfortable and light, unusually when compared to other models on the market that are very expensive.


Barnett ghost 420 is designed very awesomely, and this model comes with the pattern of Ook Mossy, which helps the hunter to blend himself according to the surrounding. In this way, prey can not detect the hunter.

Many crossbows using high-quality material in their assembling and they give high speed and performance, but in the case of Barnett ghost 420 is not the lightest you can find there is possible that it manipulate your weapon when you are sitting on the tree passing through forests or bushes.

At 7.6 lbs., it is a mid-range target weapon that can give everything you want from it. First of all, the boosting speed of 420 fps recommends it strongly.

Other than this, 185 draw weight can realize how powerful the crossbow it can be. It is equipped with 150 ft-lbs, of kinetic energy. After all, it something you want from crossbow as a hunter.


There are many features holds by this model of crossbow that every hunter wants from it, but at a reasonable price among the top-notch able price, firstly. We will tell you its rifle style trigger. You feel the function of a rifle when pulling the trigger. Secondly, three-pound triggers with zero creeps and operate smoothly in the same manner able style, and it almost contributes to its accuracy of performance. You can also take full benefit of the Frictionless Release feature that contains a free-floating roller which is movable between the sear and trigger.

I hope this frictionless feature will be raising many questions about what we can take from it. This friction fewer features will enhance the performance of your weapon. Your arrow will move straight and hit right on the target without deviations, but it’s just not a feature we are talking about.

There something else we have for you, The nock sensor and the anti-dry fire system will make it definite that you will not release your arrow prematurely. It was developed to save many times of hunter with replacing the bolt and taking the same operation from the top repeatedly.

Picatinny rails, a detachable quiver that can be mounted or taken off just by touching a button, andTalon sling, are the options that make you feel that you are getting some extras nice with your weapon. It is equipped with an illuminated scope, which helps in aiming when light conditions are not good.

Noise and vibrations:

Noise is something develop a sense of irritating for everyone, in this case when you are hunting with high-speed crossbow and noise is diverting your focus, it is a very un-pleasure situation because people want this activity in peace with no distraction, but when you are using this crossbow, you don’t need to be worry because the manufacturer already addressed this issue and try to minimize the unnecessary problem, it’s very popular high speed always equal to string vibrations, but it is not always in case.

This particular model is good for concealing you from wild animals; that’s why the manufacturer gives its name a name ghost.

Final Words:

Barnett ghost 420 fps is an efficient crossbow, and it has high speed and accuracy. Its features make it unique, like lightweight, high-speed 420 fps. It performs very well in dampening the naturally producing noise that occurs when you release your arrows to bring down your prey.

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