Best Barnett Predator 430 Crossbow Reviews

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Best Barnett Predator Crossbow Reviews (430)

From Barnett Predator, expectations are very high. Fans were expecting that Barnett would pull out all the stops to make their best compound crossbow as of yet. Finally, we got Barnett crossbow, let see either they satisfy the customers’ needs or not. They are making crossbows for decades and consistently doing that. The company was established in 1962 by the name of Bernard Barnett. Bernard made crossbows in his garage in the UK around the ’60s to ’70s.


BARNETT Predator Crossbow, 430 Feet Per Second with Premium Illuminated Scope, Black, Model:BAR78002
  • 430 FPS Crossbow. Package includes premium 1.5-5x32...
  • Draw Weight: 187 lbs. Kinetic Energy: 156 Ft. lbs. Power...
  • Pattented Carbonlite Step-Through Riser. String Dampeners...
  • Ships to you mostly assembled. Allows for Intergration of...
  • Safety First: Equipped with Nock Sensor and Anti Dry Fire...


Barnett crossbows have famous worth because of their accurate and powerful compound crossbows. For over 50 years, Barnett crossbows have been making in the United States and are very popular for their advance and non-benching technically superior crossbows.

Barnett company well knows for making crossbow, and their made crossbow is famous for hunting and easy to carry. Its crossbow is very easy to assemble and is maneuverable. There is no doubt in this. If you purchase Barnett crossbow, you will get a pretty good value against your money. It would help if you considered it a fantastic money deal.

If you compare Barnett crossbow with other’s company it will look high is the sense of price than other but according to speed and accurate aim will make you sure that it is a reasonable price when you got it and used in the woods you will feel that I got a right thing against my money.


  • It comes almost assembled and can be readily use
  • It gives a high speed of up to 430 fps.
  • The noise dampening system does not irritate.
  • It is lightweight at 7.6 lbs.
  • Cocking the bow can be a problem because the draw weight is not exactly the lightest you can find right now.



Most of the customer does not like Barnett that, its crossbows have weight and difficult to control it. Still, Barnett considers customers’ thoughts, and they improve their crossbow in terms of value and balance.

In new models of Barnett crossbows, there is an enhancement in every dimension. When you hold a crossbow for hunting or targeting, you feel free for your balance and discomfort. It also mentioned new models of Barnett crossbows that the company used technical factors while it was assembling, which is called RUCS.

It is responsible for pushing the front part of the crossbow upward while it will affect gravity force. Otherwise, it goes down to resist this action RCUS system performs its function. One of the critical improvements is the step-through riser is got by this crossbow to the table. 



Barnett predator in one the latest model launched by Barnett in recent year with a very high speed of 430 fps which attract most hunters, you can imagine the design and main elements of the Predator Crossbow by keeping in mind 430 fps, this model of the crossbow has a comparatively high weight of 187 lbs.

Hunters, there is possibility hunters ignore it because of its weight but not impossible to draw because some users want high speed so that the predator will attract such customers. The 16.25 inches power stroke and have the capability of 156 ft-lbs. Kinetic energy, this model has its race. The total weight is 7.6 lbs., which means it lies between in the spectrum weight, it is not much heavyweight and also not the lightest.


Predator crossbow is designed by diverting from the traditional crossbow, as already mentioned that it mostly rely upon technology. The trigger system of this model is an additional and fascinating option that makes it attractive to others. It has a three-pound trigger with no creep is an excellent feature.

It’s not the one thing that convinces the customer to pay for good sound quality. The Frictionless Release function excels with a free-floating roller that moves from the trigger to the sear and back. It provides the shooter extra precision when using this crossbow.

Nock sensors and an anti-dry fire system feature you will get that makes sure that the arrow will not be released prematurely from the bow. It available in the market with multiple accessories like the scope of 1.55 by 22mm which help to aim in the dark, rope coking device is also available in accessories which help to manage the draw of heavyweight, besides two head arrow and lob wax also you will receive for the strings.

Sounds and Vibrations:

Noise is something which is not liked by anyone, in this case when you are hunting with high-speed crossbow and noise is diverting your focus, it is a very un-pleasure situation because people want this hobby in peace with no distraction.
Barnet tries to eliminate the sound, and to some extent, they did it will. On the construction, Barnett employed string dampeners of the bow to definite that the string will not vibrate when the arrow release. If you want to deal with stealthy and dangerous situations, you should make sure your weapon is well prepared.

Final Words:

Barnett Predator Crossbow is one of the best crossbows ever, and it has the two main qualities which every hunter wants power and reliability, it satisfies the hunger of shooter with accuracy, reliability, and deadly.

It is known as a beast among the crossbows, and it shoots arrows with a speed of 430 fps and 156 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. It lies on the heavy side in the weight spectrum but has an outstanding balance. This is expensive comparably other crossbows, but you will feel the right deal of money when you hold it.

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