Best Single Pin Bow Sight for Hunting.

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You might have seen the most fantastic scene of Katniss Everdeen in “Hunger Game.” In the movie, Katniss Everdeen acted as a warrior and did some impressive trick shots.

I am damn sure; you don’t want to miss your target while hunting, like Katniss. Well, you can do it; all you need a bit of practice and best single pin bow sight for hunting.

It used to be very frustrated when I was new and missed lots of targets, but all good now!!

A few years back, Jonas Alvaro, my best friend, and top shooter same like a “Wun Wun” (a giant in the Game of Thrones, he killed the man on the watchtower who was standing next to Jon Snow), told me to focus on single pin bow sights and trust me its boom!!

You might be thinking how a single pin bow sight improves my overall shooting accuracy?

Well, because it allows you to move the whole sight, housing up and down when you are shooting.

The beauty of the single pin sigh is, you pin will always be centered perfectly in your sight housing, and it helps to make target acquisition very fast and more accurate; it doesn’t matter what distance you’re shooting.

As there are lots of different single pin bow sights available in the market, and selecting the best one can be a bit hard.

But don’t worry!!

This article will help you to find the best single bow sight for hunting in 2020. We are compiling the list of top 10 best pin bow sights, that feature, high-quality materials, easy to use, excellent accuracy, and of course, cost-effective.


Top 10 best single bow sights for hunting


The single pin bow sight has gained so much popularity for a good reason in recent years. As single pin bow sight has less-clutter in the scope, which offers excellent accuracy, making it easier to aim, and that is the reason most archers love to use it.

Some people may come with an excuse that we can shoot even without bow sight.

Yes, you can, but it harder, what if you are with your girlfriend and trying to impress her with your archery skill, and you missed a target, isn’t a bit frustrated?

Of course, it is, so best to go with single pin bow sight!!

When we are in archery competition or hunting, everyone looking to get an edge, and that is the reason you must go with the best single pin bow sight.

Here are some of the best top 10 pin bow sights;

1- HHA Optimizer Lite 3019 – The best single pin bow sight



Trust me; if you want to take your hunting or archery skills to the next level, HHA Optimizer Lite 3019 is the only way that makes you champ!!

It considers the most sold and best single pin bow sight in the USA. It has so many amazing features that give you confidence and high accuracy while you are hunting.

Hunting is not easy; you need to spend lots of time in rough terrains, deep trees, unpleasant weather conditions, etc.

It would be best if you go with durable equipment that let you overcomes these hurdles, and what else can more durable than HHA Optimizer Lite 3019?

It is super durable, clutter-free, accurate, and stand out at the top in the market because of its protected pin and high-quality materials.

One of the best techniques to be a successful hunter is how fast you are responding?

You need a bow sight, which is very easy to use and can adjust very quickly; HHA Optimizer is best and user-friendly when it comes to quickest adjustability.

It has the most advanced HAA sighting system, which helps to adjust it only with few arrows; trust me; it takes very little time to adjust and configure and make it ready for hunting.

All you need, attach, shoot a few arrows, adjust, and here you go, its boom, you are ready to impress your friends with hunting skills.

This HAA sigh comes in two types, RH & LH. So make sure you buy the correct version with your prefer shooting side.

Besides, great adjustability, the pin is also very bright that makes it very easy to see through and help to use in low-light conditions as well.

The HAA also comes with sight tapes, clears, blanks, and tape, which matches sight speed. It has two different taps, can adjust to 20 and 80 yards, and so test to find out what type of tape is suitable for you.

  • The highest reputation as single-pin in the market
  • Construction is entirely armoured
  • Easy to adjust
  • Suitable for 3D bowhunters and shooters due to its micro click-adjustment
  • May not adjust with any bow, so ask the buyer first

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2- Black Gold Ascent Verdict 



Black Gold Ascent Verdict is another excellent sight which is very popular among hunters and well known for its amazing features.

It used to an essential sight in my hunting bag, which I upgraded now and switch to HHA Optimizer Lite 3019, but my girlfriend, Laura Isaksson, still using this sight, and the result is pretty amazing.

My girlfriend loves Black Gold Ascent Verdict because of its balanced weight and its amazing features. Although it has so many features, still, it didn’t affect the weight of this sight, and it is very comfortable to carry it.

Black Gold also is known as a famous name when it comes to producing the most durable sights and other equipment for hunting.

They use the heavy-duty aluminum construction on the whole sight; the Ascent is longer than some of the other brands. It comes with the extra-long mounting bracket with some mounting options, so now you can extend it way out through your riser.

The pin seems to be the brightest in the market, and it turns purple to block UVI light when the sunlight is too bright, which I think is the most fantastic feature.

Trust me; the pin is much brighter than any standard sights due to its PhotChromatic Shell that automatically changes brightness and color. This feature also prevents the light from blinding you.

Black Gold has evolved the design and features over the recent years. There used to be an old side-facing tape that now replaced with a new 45-degree sight tape that offers a smooth and comfortable view when you are adjusting the yardage.

It also changes the indicator needle, and the good thing about the needle is, you quickly adjust after changes in your steps. So now you don’t need to move the original sight tape.

It comes with the 2nd and 3d axes, which are adjustable; this is good when you want to shoot at longer distances or hunt in elevation.

Today in the market, most sights are difficult to adjust and very time-consuming because of its finicky nobs and rings to turn.

But thanks to Black Gold, who solved this issue entirely by introducing a new head sight ring so now you can adjust it very easily and quickly.

Furthermore, it even comes with a pre-set setting option, which also lets you adjust the sight very quickly.

We tested on the field, in the deep wood; its accuracy, durability, and faceplate are fantastic. The Black Gold Ascent Verdict is decidedly quieter, having better and durable design, which makes it the best single pin sight for hunting.

Pros & Cons

  • lightweight
  • user-friendly
  • photochromatic technology
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
  • some user complaint about the complicated slider locking mechanism
  • doesn’t has micro-adjustment in standard models



3- Trophy Ridge React-One 1 Pin Bow Sight 


We all need more advanced pin bow sight after improving our overall hunting skills; if you want an inexpensive, superior, and best single pin bow sight for hunting, then the Trophy Ridge React is the best option for you.

They use a smart pin technology in this Trophy Ridge to increase the accuracy at long distance. I like its tool-free system, which offers high precision for long-distance shooting.

Trophy Ridge React is made of 100% aluminum. When it comes to range, trust me, it is far beyond your expectation, although it requires you to sight in at 30 yards, you can hit the target very accurately even from 70 yards. There is another incredible feature is; it comes with tool-less windage and elevation.

Because of its different mounting holes, it helps to increase yardage stickers, versatility between 20-100 yards, rheostat light, and sight level.

The aluminum housing of Trophy Ridge React feels and looks very solid. It’s much brighter than other smilier brands.

  • very durable and stable
  • aluminum construction
  • sight level included
  • affordable
  • micro-adjustment feature
  • this sight has a short life span if you are exposing to unpleasant conditions



 4- Apex Covert Sight .019 RH/LH Black 


Apex Covert Sight is the best single pin bow sight for hunting and all in one solution for every hunter. This sight has so many features that you would expect only from top sights.

I love this bow sight because of its ultra-lightweight; it weighs only 8.5 ounces. Beside its lightest weight, it is a revolutionary and innovative single pin bow sight.

It is because, instead of one pin size, this sight comes with two .010 and .019; you can swap both pin size very quickly.

This is the best single pin bow sight for every archer; it lets you change the pin size according to your preferences. Apex Gear covert sight uses the quick switch technology, making it very easy and fast to change the pin in your sight.

You will definitely appreciate its 100% aluminum construction. Mostly aluminum makes noise when two parts touch, but thanks to Apex, they solved this issue completely by brushing the aluminum, which makes this sight very quiet and smooth with no metal contact.

The brightness and color change itself and also because of a rheostat light. This will help to hunt and even shoot in the lighting condition.

It is suitable for both right and left-handed archers and can use by anyone.

  • durable and lightweight
  • aluminum construction
  • Three brighter tree-pin colors, which are suitable for low-light shooting.
  • affordable
  • sliding pin track using to switch between colors and its benefit


5- TRUGLO Range Rover Archer’s Choice 1-Pin Sight



This TRUGLO Range Rover is a tiny beast that sends hunters over the edge with its fantastic dot sight design. It is the best single pin bow sight for hunting, which is adjustable with micro-adjustments for elevation, wind, and distance stop.

TRUGLO Range Rover comes with a small green dot in the center of the sight that makes it very easy to aim at a longer distance.

Good news, both left and right-handed, can use this single pin bow sight.

Its dot has 11 brightness setting that works super amazing in even low light or bad weather conditions. The Range Rover also has a Zero-In adjustment dial, which helps in multiple yardages.

This single pin bow sight offers proper tension without moving too much stiff and comes with the locking knob, which prevents bumping the dial out.

My girlfriend had some issue when she was mounting it on her bow but wasn’t a big deal, on the second attempt, she figured how to do correctly, and after tuning, it works amazingly.

This single pin bow sight is clutter-free and has excellent accuracy with an excellent option for micro-adjustment.

We found kind of brightest and best single pin bow sight for hunting.

  • illuminated dot
  • brightness setting
  • zero-in adjustment dial
  • some people complain about the quality


6- Apex Gear Covert Pro Green PWR-Dot Sight 


Apex Gear Covert Pro is an excellent clutter-free single bow sight for hunting, which gives more confidence to the archer who is looking to increase their accuracy.

This advanced reticle single bow sight works excellent for lots of hunters, and once you use it, you will definitely stick with it forever.

The modern reticle sight is very easy to use than other traditional bow sights in the market. So if you are new in hunting, this is the best single pin bow sight for you.

It comes with an illuminated dot to aim with micro-adjustments for windage and easy one-handed adjustment knobs, which consider the most critical factor in any sight bow.

Apex Gear Covert Pro is the most accurate bow sight, which has the ability to handle thousands of shots easily without any damage or affecting its accuracy or overall performance.

If you are hunting for long and most often didn’t get much success, it is highly recommended to try this bow sight for better results.

Its gear-drive elevation dial is super smooth and can adjust very easily without any issue. Just lose the locking knob in the front of yardage tape, and that’ it, you are ready to go.

To hunting quietly in the field, this bow sight offers a bracket that eliminates the noise when you just reach your travel stop.

So you will not hear the changing metal components, chinks, or click, and when dial stop, it will also stop at the same position.

  • affordable price
  • 11 brightness level
  • illuminated green dot
  • 2nd and 3rd adjustable axis
  • quality control issue



7- HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer Lite Ultra Site 


HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer is a bit expensive pin bow sight than most of the similar bow sights, but it is the best single pin sight for hunting.

It is a member of the Ultra Site series, and this HHA DS-XL5010 has come with so many amazing features that you can expect from any high-quality bow sight.

Like most of the other single sights, this also comes with aluminum construction and provides fantastic accuracy.

I personally love this sight because of preprinted sight tapes and gear-driven yardage wheels.

This preprinted tapes and accuracy make it one of the best in the market; if you are up to accurate shooting and distance, then go for it.

It also has Mathews Harmonic Damper, which really helps to dampen vibration and noise, which are most common in the field.

If you need the best single pin bow sights that have all in one feature and can make you very comfortable on the field, the HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer Lite is the best choice for you.

It is specially designed for any kind of hunters and don’t let you down on the field.

  • accurate preprinted tapes
  • lifetime warranty
  • works excellent in unpleasant weather conditions
  • fiber optic could be much better in low lighting



8- Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight 


Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical single pin bow sight is another magnificent sight in our list, which offers limitless shooting experience for hunters. This works great for both lift and right-handed archers.

It has 100% aluminum construction that offers excellent accuracy, longer life, and better performance.

This bow sight also has a vertical indicator that ensures precise adjustment and enables ultimate smooth and quiet operation on the field.

Its Darlin bushing helps you in the silent movement without any noise of metal contact.

Furthermore, it includes a glowing indicator pin that provides accuracy, even bad light conditions. And its red rheostat light helps in adjusting the brightness according to weather and shooter conditions.

Thanks to Trophy Ridge that they introduced best bow sight at a very reasonable price for all hunter who has a tight budget.

Most of the hunters love its construction quality, accuracy, easy installation, rheostat light. For new archers and hunters, it is excellent and best single pin bow sight for hunting.

  • lightweight
  • aluminum construction
  • easily adjustable
  • silent and smooth operation
  • bright pins
  • doesn’t come with yardage tape


9- TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand Bow Sight 



The TRUGLO Pendulum Ultimate Treestand is the most advanced and best single sight that every hunter would love. This high-quality and fully-featured single bow sight is cheaper than other smilier sights.

It is very easy to adjustable, which offers accurate shooting up to 35-yards.

It is amazingly silent on the field.

TRUGLO also has an adjustable bracket that helps you to lock pendulum while you are shooting and concentrate on aiming. Thanks to its aluminum constructions that provide sturdiness from this sight.

It also features rheostat light and fiber optic technology, which help you to hunt very smoothly and accurately, even in low light.

TRUGLO is suitable for both right and left-handed hunters, so either you are left-handed or right-handed, you can have a great hunt with this single pin bow sight.

So if you are looking for an affordable and best single pin bow sight for hunting, this TRUGLO won’t let you down on the field.

  • aluminum construction
  • silent
  • fiber optic technology
  • affordable
  • If you are a left-handed shooter, you will need to remove the screw before usage.



10- Spot Hogg Fast Eddie MRT 


Although this Spot Hogg Fast Eddie MRT is a bit expensive and available at more than $300 in the market but trust me, it is best, and sexiest beast for archers and hunters.

It has a moveable pin sight that offers front controlled distance adjustment and eliminates any quiver. This single pin bow sight is made of aluminum construction and very easy to adjust, it is simple; you don’t need any tools to make these adjustments.

I have many friends who are happily using this; we also find it best sight with high-quality materials, easy to set up, and giving the thumb up for its overall performance.

  • easy to use
  • durable
  • noiseless and silent operation
  • Three-pin sight
  • big and clear viewfinder
  • doesn’t come with yardage tape and with light



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