Buck 102 Woodsman Review 2021

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A Review on Buck 102 Woodsman (Fixed blade knife)

You must have a blade knife in your household as it is a tool of everyday use and must be used in every household in the world. They may have a variety of uses including fishing, small games, firewood, sharpening homemade spears, and stakes.


This type of knife can be found as an important constituent of the emergency kit, during camping or a hunting trip. I would like to recommend the Buck knives 0102 Woodsman fixed blade knife with a sheath due to its long-lasting and durable nature. It has multiple features and compatibility. In this review, we will find out its features, how it can be advantageous or disadvantageous, and also would like to answer your questions.

Buck Knives 102 Woodsman Fixed Blade Knife’s detailed features. 

Durable Blade Knife Handle

When you need to purchase a knife, you also want to have something with an easy to hold handle that can also function when inside the sheath. Two types of handles come with Buck 102 woodsman. One of these is a black phenolic handle that looks smooth, sophisticated, and refined, the other one is a Cocobola Dymondwood TM Handle, it is most suitable for those who prefer to rely on simple, and classic design. The handle has a butt or guard that is composed of brass for the wood handle and aluminium in case of phenolics. It indicates that you can utilize the handle for light hammering when required. Apart from that, it also assists you to keep your hold in place during robust tasks.

4-inch steel blade

Buck knives are now recognized to produce larger hunting knives and the attempt at smaller blade knives is proved successful. A hunting knife 4-inch 420HC blade. Due to its slightly curved shape, it can provide users with more variability, flexibility, and convenience while using it.

The blade is composed of a high carbon alloy making it more imperishable and resistant to the elements. It is covered with chromium stainless steel that saves the blade from rusting and corrosion. 102 Woodsman knives can be used regularly and you don’t need to worry regarding its rusting or corrosion.

Genuine Leather Sheath

Although the knife is manufactured in the US, Mexico designs more fashionable still worthwhile sheath. You can find an insert here that saves the whole blade and a wooden strip that keeps the sheath’s shape along the blade line. It also has a leather flap with a snap-on-fastener so that the knife remains in its place. The most exciting thing about snap is that it is not the front of the blade rather it is one side. It can get snagged on things because it is in front. You can find a loop at the back that lets you attach it with your belt or any place you want to save the knife.

Compact and Lightweight

You must be equipped with a weapon in the wild during hunting to save yourself. You should carry a weapon that is light, easy to use, and easy to handle. The Buck Knives 102 Woodsman Fixed Blade Knife is a light and compact knife. The length is only 7 inches from end to end, most of the time, the length goes to the blade at 4 inches. Apart from that, it is lightweight with about 6.1 ounces including sheath. Only the knife weighs 2.5 ounces which is very light. The weight and design of the belt are perfect; it does not let you feel it weighs your belt or pockets down it does not make you tired.

Buck Forever Warranty

I remember that when I purchased my first Buck 102 102 Woodsman, the package was having a “Forever Warranty”. This is how much buck wishes to make sure it’s consumers that they contain famous bucks “Forever Warranty”. This is a wonderful thing about the tool, as you can consult with the concerning person if you find a defect, or when you find a problem with the handle or sheath. Due to having Buck Forever Warranty, they will resolve or repair the device without any hassle or hesitation. You will be provided with Buck Forever Warranty as you purchased your blade. On the other hand, if you cannot find the warranty upon purchase or delivery, you can contact customer support to get the certificate.

  • Long-lasting blade and fashionable blade
  • Has a variety of uses ranging from fishing to chopping
  • Light in weight and resistant to elements
  • Great leather sheath to protect you
  • Back fastener to attach to belt
  • Forever Warranty if you find any fault or defect
  • Cannot be used for heavy hunting tasks.
  • Some hunters consider the blade too small to have it in their hands.
  • The handle is not having a grip strap but the guard at the bottom keeps your hand in place. 

Frequently asked Questions

Q1. What colour the sheath has?

  1. The phenolic handle has a black sheath and the Dymondwood comes with a brown sheath.

Q2. Is the Dymondwood handle sensitive to food and liquid?

  1. No case of sensitivity to food or liquid has been reported by far.

Final Verdict

After reading a review above regarding 102 Woodsman knives, we can say that it is long-lasting, durable, small, and light in weight. Although it works great, I would like to recommend using an additional comparatively large hunting knife for big games. A genuine leather sheath provides the knife with a wonderful finish, it also saves the whole blade from damage.

The snap-on-fastener is perfect because you can lose your knife, unlike other sheaths. The Buck 102 Woodsman can also be purchased on Amazon. You can get one and place it in your first aid kit, bed or your emergency.

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