Horton Explorer HD 150 Overview 2020

Horton Explorer HD 150 Overview

  • It is lightweight and quiet
  • Integrated Scope is amazing
  • Effective pattern with a reasonable price
  • Limb pockets tend to crack which makes it unsafe for a hunter.
  • There is not any support regarding the warranty, as it is out of business nowadays
  • There are no incorporated cocking device

Package contents

Package includes the following contents

We present a warm welcome to you all before you read a review on Horton Explorer H 150 Overview. Every package supplied by Horton includes the following material.


  • Owner’s manual
  • Horton Explorer HD 150 crossbow
  • Warranty card
  • 4x32mm Mult-A-Range scope
  • Hunter Elite 3-arrow quiver
  • 3 20” crossbow arrows

After unboxing your crossbow, you will want to take a small amount of time to keep yourself up to date with the manual of the owner and then assemble your bow.

Assemblage of crossbow

If you are not an expert with crossbows, Horton’s for Explorer’s HD is amazing for you and makes the process of assembly pretty much easy and convenient. You only need to attach prod to the riser, attach the foot stirrup, and then mount the scope and quiver. I have considerable experience with assembling crossbows. My mileage may have some variation from yours, but I had prepared myself for the target range within 15 minutes.

Power and accuracy.

The first step while getting your assembled crossbow ready for hunting is to sight the bow in scope. With the mercy of fate, the multi-A range scope arrives superbly zeroed in right out of the box.

Once I found the bow sighted in, I could shoot ½” grouping at 25 yards, ¾ groupings from 35 yard, 1-1/2”, groupings at 50 yards. The HD explorer is very accurate and precise. It is found to shoot accurately and consistently every single time.


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Although this is not the strongest crossbow in the market, having an arrow speed of only 270 fps. However, It is powerful enough to drive the arrow completely through my target block from 30 yards. Apart from that, it is considered ideal for a newbie in hunting.

The Explorer HD 150 provides 65 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy, which is considered sufficient for targeting deer and other smaller game animals. I am not supposed to recommend it for any larger game, though, because it is not so powerful.

With my Explorer HD 150, I have attained my full limit for the season in antlered and antlerless deer. Most of the time visualizing the deer only able to lose its balance or 25-30 yards before it drops from blood loss. Although it is not the most powerful crossbow, it is best for beginners to crossbow archery.

The lightweight of this crossbow makes it ideal for carrying the woods. So, you are not supposed to hurt yourself or get any kind of physical fatigue.

Cocking the Horton’s explorer 

A Horton’s explorer is found to have a weight of 150 pounds, which is very convenient and easy to cock by anyone. I would never recommend doing this by hand because hand cocking has very serious consequences regarding safety and accuracy. Although the crossbow does not contain a rope cocking device, universal ones could be of less than 20$. So, I would favour investing in one for cocking the bow.

Rope cocking devices can decrease the amount of strength required to cock a crossbow at least up to 50%. Apart from that, it also assures that you draw the string back equally and consistently.


The Horton Mult-A-Range 4x32mm scope integrated with the Explorer HD 150 is recognized as one of the best stock scopes on the market. It is supplied with amazing eye relief and crisp, clear optics. The scope was sighted in almost superbly out of the box and held throughout two full hunting seasons without the requirement for any adjustments.

The illuminated dots can easily be visualized even under low light conditions. So, it makes the scope as beneficial at dawn as at noontime.


The Explorer HD 150 ships with 3 20” arrows, but I instantly substituted those with my recommended Firebolt arrows. Horton recommends 400-grain arrow/bolt amalgamation for this crossbow, and I do not want to recommend going above that. The bow is pretty much slow, and puts heavier bolts through it would most likely work against you in the hunting field.

Safety and design

There is nothing that surprises you regarding the pattern and design of the Horton Explorer HD 150. One of the features includes a pistol grip with an open trigger guard that makes it convenient to use with gloves on. This crossbow is created for small archers as its length is only 30”. It is an excellent crossbow to let you introduce your younger or teenage children to crossbow archery. It is comparatively safe and stable.

Drawbacks of Crossbow

One of the drawbacks associated with this crossbow is the tendency of limb pockets to crack. This makes the use of crossbow unsafe and risky. Cracking can take place even in the absence of dry firing. As the crossbow is out of business, so you will not get any warranty support to repair it if it gets damaged. So, these are the limitations of this crossbow.


Nowadays, the Horton is no more in business so there is no warranty support. On rare occasions, you may find a seller who is consented to provide a 30-day warranty.

You are still able to get service on Horton crossbows, as some parts are floating around out there and crossbow technicians usually cut their teeth on Hortons, but you are expected to pay for it. Nobody can tell how long parts will stay available.

Review summary

Thanks for reading a review on Horton Explorer HD 150. It is ideal for a beginner hunter but the tendency of pockets to crack can easily make it an unsafe experience for a shooter. I would prefer to recommend it for experienced archers who can recognize a particular problem and get the problem solved as soon as possible.


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