Best Top 5 Women Pink Crossbows Reviews 2021

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Women’s pink Crossbows Reviews

The pink crossbows market is vast and incredibly and varied partly due to its importance in sports and hunting. It is considered a safe and unique adventure to spend a happy time with families and friends. The usage of crossbow sports is expanding in people participating in this field, with younger kids and hunter women rising. It is critical to accept that women’s physical strength requires more lightweight equipment to ensure the most efficient and effective crossbow use for crossbows to be used effectively.


Are you looking for hunting gear for women? Anybody can do hunt with specific gears according to physical characteristics. In this era, there is nothing which women can’t do.

In this article, but I would tell women that you don’t need to worry about their hunting gears because you will know the best crossbow for hunting, keep on reading to know more about it.

Significant Things You Should Consider Before Selecting Hunting Gear

For Women, there are certain things you should take into considerations before purchasing your hunting gear related to pink crossbows.

Crossbow’s Weight

Weight is the first and crucial factor regarding the pink crossbows. Naturally, women cannot carry heavy weight hunting gear, and when you go on the field for hunting, you should keep in mind that nobody will take your Crossbow, so you should choose a lightweight crossbow that is convenient for you. Women cannot survive for a long time on the journey with heavyweight crossbows, which they tried before. Crossbows have almost the same specifications except for weight, so choose wisely your hunting gear.

Speed of Crossbow

Women can hold lesser power pink crossbows easily, for women superior speed of Crossbow is about 250 FPS, more than this speed will create complications when you are going to purchase Crossbow you need to keep these things in mind. Besides, the length of the bow is also an essential factor. Crossbows made for women are most comfortable to hold and use.

Draw Weight of Crossbow

Do you ever think about the draw weight of the pink crossbows? For women, draw weight is the factor that cannot be neglected. Major crossbows have high draw weight, making it challenging to pull the string and hit to target. Women cannot put in this kind of hard effort. So, they should choose Crossbow with the lesser draw weight. It will be easy to pull and draw.

Women’s Pink Crossbows can be the best choice

Adoption of crossbows as hunting gear is increasing from time to time. Many companies are manufacturing a variety of crossbows, including women’s, gents, and young archers. They are offering multiple crossbows for women with unique features and accessories. They are making an effort to make women’s hunting period more joyful. It doesn’t matter for which target you are looking for, whether dear or bear, they are making efficient crossbows.

Best pink crossbow for Women, Reviews

The pink crossbows For Women Parker X402-IR Challenger

This parker crossbow belongs to women categories; the manufacturer designed this Crossbow to fulfill women’s needs. If you are looking for the best crossbow being as a woman, then the parker pink crossbow will be the best recommendation. This Crossbow comes with only 5.5 pounds of weight. You can hold it on the journey for a long time without feeling it burden.

crossbow package

Parker crossbow includes 120 to 150 pounds draw weight, which means nothing a lot. Its draw weight is adjustable and makes it easy to use for you. You don’t need to be ambiguous regarding its speed because it has 300 FPS speed, which is a lot for women crossbows and can kill your target rapidly.

For extra protection of your finger and balance, aim to hit right on the target. This Crossbow has featured the finger guard. Parker’s synergy cam system makes it unique from the rest of the crossbows and improves shooting performance. This woman’s Crossbow includes three muddy girl crossbow bolts and a quiver.

This parker’s Crossbow demands excellent attention when you will be assembling the bow. You should be careful regarding cables don’t get something wrong with that otherwise you may have to face problems. Women can do everything as men do. This Crossbow is an outstanding Crossbow for ladies.

Beautiful features and specifications of the pink parker crossbow will make your experience enjoyable. You can do blind trust on this Crossbow regarding its performance and available in different online stores you can purchase there.

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow


This Crossbow is designed for women. If you are looking for safe, narrow, fast, and lightweight, it is made for you. Wicked Ridge Invader G3 crossbow comes with 3x Multi-Line scope, three arrows with points, 7/8″ Dovetail, quiver, and ACU draw cocking device. It was specially designed for young archers for its convenient and friendly interface.

It comes with an extraordinary specification of the draw 165 Ibs, which are adjustable, width, while unlocked is 22.6 inches and when cocked, are 19 inches, the speeds of 330 FPS, power stroke 13.5 inches, length 37.75 inches and the weight of 6 lbs. with these charming features you can make your hunting joyful. It’s lightweight, doesn’t bother you during hunting, and will not let down your knee.

All of those women who think of adopting hunting as a hobby must consider the wicked ridge model because it has lightweight, aim accuracy, and easy interface. It will be a perfect choice for females, and it will make your season full of rewards. The drawback of this Crossbow is, it doesn’t come with a crystal illuminated scope, and this kind of Crossbow cannot take accurate aim in the dark situation, but it’s perfect for light mode hunting.

But the people who are a newcomer in hunting and looking for a quality crossbow will be the best option for them. The manufacturer of the wrecked ridge model made this women’s powerful Crossbow. It is an impressive Crossbow with accuracy. You can makes your hunting season enjoyable.


Barnett 78134 Recruit Tactical Compound Crossbow


This Barnett Crossbow comes with a lightweight, specially designed for women. Recruit Tactical compound crossbow includes the high speed with velocity 300 FPS. Its draw weight is drawn weight 130 pounds, which is accessible for women and young archers. The Barnett compound crossbow’s weight is 6.5 inches; the power stroke of 12.5 inches and the length of this Crossbow is 34.25 inches. The tactical compound crossbow is powerful but small in size, and women can hold it easily.

Recruit Tactical is a bold model of Barnett designed in the lightweight category that can be carried out around tree blinds and no particular carrier. It’s a unique Barnett model and suits every hunter whether he/she is a newcomer or is in the long game. You can survive a whole day with Crossbow without feeling tired.

The drawback of this girl youth crossbow is its scope. The scope is the main factor to take precise aim in hunting, but this Crossbow comes with just a red dot where people are expecting more. This shortcoming might not be the real problem for some hunters who go for the game in light mode, it can be the best option for them, but if you don’t like un illuminated models, you can consider another model. Its shots are tranquil. You can enjoy your game without startle your prey. It was designed in a smaller size. So, it will strongly concern women.



PSE Fang LT Muddy Girl Crossbow:


From the name of this Crossbow, you can figure out that it has a fast speed with a velocity of 345 Fps that means a lot. If you think of purchasing your first Crossbow being a woman, you must consider this muddy girl crossbow. You can hit your target from a distance of 45 yards with accuracy.

Specification of this Crossbow is heart touching. It’s a lightweight crossbow with just 6.25 lbs crossbow. The power stroke is 14 inches, and its length is 32 inches, including 20 inches arrows. This version of Crossbows is lightweight, fast, and accurate, which is the hunters’ standard demands. Women can hold it easily and can wander for a whole day without falling on the knee. It makes it easy to take aim and cock for women.

The downside of this Crossbow is its scope. It does not come with the illuminated scope and make it challenging to hunt in dark mode. If it offers you to change and upgrade its scope, then it will be a terrific option. Usually, women lack expertise regarding assembling of Crossbow, and this Crossbow comes with manual assembling. If a user doesn’t have sufficient knowledge and practice, then it might be fatigue for her/him. But one advantage of this muddy girl crossbow is that it ensures the user’s protection because its package includes molded stock, safety trigger, and anti-dry fire.



TenPoint Shadow NXT Crossbow Package:


TenPoint shadow lies at the end in the spectrum women’s crossbow category. It is a lightweight, fast, and accurate Crossbows. The pink Crossbows package includes a 3.5 lb. and T2 trigger, which makes it able to shot consistently. The designer of this Crossbows keeps ladies in mind while tailoring it. It is the best option for them with multiple features.

Specifications of these pink crossbow are terrific. Comes with a velocity of 328 fps, the mass weight of 6.4 pounds with a power stroke of 12.6 inch, and a draw weight of 180 pounds. Besides, it includes three x 75 Magnum arrows, Pro view two scopes, instant detach 3-arrow quiver and 7/8″ fixed dovetail mount. It is was prepared with a patented Dry-Fire Inhibitor to make this Crossbow package secure from firing without a bolt.

The drawback of this Crossbows comes with pink because it mostly belongs to women, but it doesn’t fascinate some people due to its color, but if you are okay with that, it’s the killer huntings gear for you.

It’s the best option whether you are a beginner or a long-time hunter. It is effortless to make cock it, and it includes green and red dot scopes, which help inaccurate aim. When you purchase this Crossbows and hold it in your hand in a hunting game, you will realize that you made a good deal of money against the value you gained.


The concept of hunting by Crossbows is spreading like a fire across the world, and women are also taking an interest in this game, but some ladies are confused regarding the selection of Crossbows. In this article, we have discussed the five best crossbows that belong to women. Hopefully, you will figure out the best Crossbow package you are looking for by reading this post. Your final decision is to purchase from anywhere also available on online stores and enjoy your hunting season.

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