Best Automatic & Repeating Crossbow Review 2021

Best Automatic & Repeating Crossbows 

Are you getting bored by consistently using a manual crossbow for a long time? We can imagine your concerns and know how irritating it’s to reload the crossbow repeatedly during the journey? There are many drawbacks a hunter has to face, like missing your potential target, get bored early, and not a pleasant feeling.

This article will share some hunting gears, and their adoption will sort out your problem. You will never experience like missing target, the irritating feeling of reloading every time before to shoot, and many more things.

In this advanced era where everything is coming with automatic features, many crossbow making companies are also making hunting gears (crossbows) with automatic features by keeping the need of this modern era at priority. We will share the best five automatic crossbows that will make your hunting season more enjoyable. Keep on reading to know more about this.

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About Automatic Crossbow

Automatic crossbows function differently from a manual crossbow that required too much time to reloading before every shot. It’s a very frustrating feeling, and sometimes you miss your potential target because of reloading. Many hunters are conscious to know about automatic hunting gear crossbow. Automatic crossbow allows you to shoot multiple fires just in one loading like you can do in guns where you don’t need to reload before every shot. The automatic crossbow is fascinating hunting gear in 2021.

How does self cocking function?

Automatic crossbows are also known as self cocking crossbows, and self cocking crossbows use hand-powered mechanical devices to shoot multiple bows in just one loading. Self cocking or automatic crossbows don’t have a wide range of variety in the market because the hand-powered mechanical device is not an easy achievement, so there are limited producers of this gear releasing them in a narrow range of variety.

Repeating Crossbow

Repeating crossbow is also considered an automatic crossbow because of its feature. It was invented in china a long time ago, allowing the hunter a higher firing rate than other crossbows. That’s why we called this automatic crossbow. It just required the set of actions spanning the bows, placing the bolts, and shoot just in one-handed movement. It’s very convenient to operate and consume less time for every shot, and hunters call this automatic crossbow.

Top Five Automatic Crossbow Reviews

Heavy Repeating Crossbow (Snake Eye Tactical Mini Cobra Crossbow Pistol Self Cocking Crossbow)

The product of brand snake eye tactical and an automatic crossbow; it comes with many features required for primary and pro-hunting games. It’s has a pistol self cocking, which reduces the time of reloading and increases the fire rate. It can be ideal hunting gear for you are looking for an automatic or repeating crossbow. This crossbow is the baby version of automatic models. Still, it will do an excellent job for polish hunting skills and take down your prey.


This automatic crossbow is assembled with plastic and fiberglass. Manufacturers used plastic for making the body of the crossbow while the bows are made by compressed molded fiberglass. Automatic crossbow is safe in operating because it’s cocking mechanism will not give any injury, so you can play the game safe and sound.

What Heavy Repeating Crossbow offers

  • You can fire with an automatic crossbow at 165 feet per second because it comes with a draw weight of 80 pounds, and it makes possible this maximum speed of fire.
  • You can avail higher fire rate by using this automatic crossbow because it requires a very short reload time, and you can do more shots than a regular crossbow.
  • The automatic crossbow is almost a complete package because it comes with three arrows made up of aluminum. 
  • It makes your job easy and just required to pull down the pivoting arm leveler.


Pathfinder Repeating Crossbow (M48 Cobra 80-lb Crossbow)

Brand M48 produces this cobra 80-lb model of the automatic crossbow, and it’s self cocking crossbow with an attractive design. If you are looking for an automatic crossbow model beyond the necessary hunting gear, you can consider cobra 80-lb. It’s a good option for hunters who are a long time in this field, also easy to draw.

What Cobra 80-lb offers:

  • It offers you to fire an arrow at the speed of 160 feet per second.
  • Cobra 80-lb comes with 80 pounds of weight, which makes it more powerful hunting gear.
  • It has a very light of draw weight with dimensions 20 x 8 x 2 inches, and it seems comfortable in maneuvering.
  • You also get the feature of adjustable sight, which increases the accuracy of your shots.


Modern Repeating Crossbow (KingsArchery Crossbow Pistol Self Cocking):

Suppose you are into hunting and crossbow for a long time. In that case, this modern repeating crossbow cocker is a viable option. It’s the self cocking pistol crossbow product launched by king archery. The bow is made up of fiberglass that is placed on the multi-shot crossbow. It comes with an overall weight of 2.6 pounds, making it convenient to carry on the game.

What this cocker crossbow offers:

  • This crossbow has 80 pounds of draw weight. The manufacturer used aluminum for its construction, which makes it lightweight and sturdy hunting gear.
  • It comes with a new set of cocking systems, making the job easy and quicker regarding reloading.
  • You will also get an adjustable sight to enhance your accuracy of taking precise aim on potential targets.
  • In this cocker crossbow package, the company also gives 27 aluminum and PVC arrow bolts with the gear. 
  • You can fire shot with high speed and a higher fire rate.


Semi-Automatic Crossbow (Smart Kingfisher Fish Hunting Semi-Automatic Crossbow)

The next repeating crossbow products is a semi-automatic crossbow. From the name, we can conclude that this crossbow has semi-automatic features, this hunting gear launched by Kingfisher. To increase the accuracy of the long-distance shot, a semi-automatic crossbow includes influential rubber bands.

It’s straightforward to assemble and disassembled, and there is no need for any technical knowledge. It has lightweight and can hold in hand for a long time. Always accurate and convenient, it has a flexible configuration with a fishing reel and sight scope.

What Semi-Automatic Crossbow offer:

  •  It allows you to shoot continuously, and you can load up to 40 steel balls at one time.
  • This semi-crossbow is capable of shooting 30 to 40 meters ranges with accuracy if you are using ammo. Still, fishing with the shaft has accuracy with a range of 20 to 30 meters range.
  • The semi-automatic package also includes a slingshot and one rubber band.
  • A semi-automatic crossbow owns multi-functions like you can shoot steel balls and arrows for hunting.
  • You can enjoy your game with high-speed shots and a higher fire rate because of the least reload time.


Wooden Repeating Crossbow (Shootingtoy Wooden Crossbow Repeating Launch):

The Shootingtoy brand launched this wooden crossbow; if you are looking for a crossbow for professional hunting or even thinking of entering this field, this model is not for you. This wooden crossbow has a length of 16 inches, while the body of this crossbow is 12 inches long. The arrows that come with a crossbow is 4 inches long.

What Wooden Crossbow offer:

  • As it was made for the pleasures of kids, so it’s safe. No human, animal, or anything will get hurt by the shots released by a wooden crossbow because arrows are made up of soft and silicon material.
  • Your kids can shoot five arrows consecutively with just one load, so it’s effortless to operate.

Note: Ask your kids not to point towards humans, animals, and any critical things.



Professional hunters prefer automatic crossbows because of their features. In this article, we discussed the five best automatic crossbows for hunting. Automatic crossbows are not available in a wide range of variety. Suppose you want to know the best option from all these mentioned above. In that case, KingsArchery Crossbow Pistol Self Cocking is the top gear. Kingsarchery offers many features that others do offer. It includes high speed, excellent draw weight, lightweight, and 27 arrows with the package. 

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