How to Sighting in Your Bow

How to Sighting in Your Bow

Sighting in your bow: To select the sighting in your bow may be a tricky task, but once you have adjusted sight into your bow, you can easily achieve your desired target. As you select an accurate and right sight for your bow, then only one factor is there that needs to be considered. It is one of the important steps to be followed and seems to be very similar to the steps you have been following to line up the sight.

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It requires you to be a bit patient. It may be time-consuming, but if you already adjusted the sight accurately then you can perform the task quickly. A variety of different sizes of Allen wrenches can be utilized to fine-tune pins on sight. Sighting in your bow will assure that arrow is going to hit where your target is. If you cannot sight the bow, it can make it impossible to make the right shot.

The following steps must be followed while targeting your aim.

  • Archery target: The first step is to set up an archery target. It’s has been observed that most of the archers recommend choosing one that is easy to get an arrow out of. This is going not only to save your time but also keeps you away from frustration. It always proved to be advantageous. Now you need to delineate a distance 10-yard increments up to 50 or 60 yards. A pin in the sight will correspond to every ten yards. Once you are ready to get an arrow fly, while you focus on the top pin and mark at the place where the bolt lands. Here, you will need to adjust the pin considering where the arrow landed. It may be either left or right.

Tree strand

Once the first pin is aligned with where the arrow is supposed to hit the dead center. This is the time when you must be ready to sight the bow for a position on top and down shots. This is going to be convenient as you shot from an incline or down on a target from a tree stand. As you sight the first pin with a bow for right and left shots, you will use the second one for firing a shot in an accurate way.

You will need to stand in a perpendicular direction to your target and aim at the center position. Apart from that, you need to mark where you sighted with the second pin. It has been observed that in most of the cases, the arrow is up or down from the target up to 2 to 3 inches.

It means that we will need to adjust the pin according to that. If the arrow is hitting below the target, then sight is supposed to be adjusted down. You will need to repeat these steps from a distance of 20 to 30 yards. This thing will ensure that there are not any minor adjustments left need to be made.

It is extremely important to sight your bow accurately. The first two steps were about shooting with accuracy from a distance of 30 yards. The distance could be enough for some of the target shooting as well as for hunting at close range. Still, it is not favorable in cases where you want to hit a further way.

It is a time-consuming process to adjust every other pin. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that you can hit the target from a distance of 50 or 60 yards.


A useful strategy to help you set your pin

One tip to let you sight your bow easily is that you should leave the pin on 30 yards alone. By doing that, you can easily set your pin for shots at 10 and 20 yards. The only thing you need to do is to concentrate on the distance that is far away. Simply adjust the pins on the left or right side. In this way, soon you will be able to sight your bow. Thus it can provide you with constantly accurate targets.

Additional tips to sight in your bow

At times, you may need to ensure a bit of fine-tuning to make it completely accurate. One of the most convenient ways to do this is to shot an arrow at the proper target. You will need to stand 6 feet away from the target when you fire an arrow. It will give you accurate results. If the arrow leaves a hole that is the size of a shaft with small-sized tears matching the fletching bow is targeted properly.

If you observe that rips are lengthier and are not even, then the task is not completed and there is more room to work. It may occur due to the cam being a bit off. This can be adjusted unless the hole becomes completely even and matches the size of the arrow’s fletching.

In some cases, you may need the help of a professional.



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