Best TenPoint Vapor Crossbow Review 2021

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TenPoint Vapor Crossbow Review

Established at the turn of the century, Ten Point has struggled its way into the distinguished group of industry leaders. During the years, it has continued to enhance the envelope in terms of technology and development by doing hard work and smart work when they launch Wicked Ridge in 2010 and the recent purchase of certain Horton assets since it was exciting and prosperous times for the Ten Point family.

TenPoint C13004-7411 Vapor Crossbow with RangeMaster Pro Scope and (6) Pro V22 Carbon Arrows, Camo / Black
  • Focuses on speed, weight reduction and maneuverability
  • 165-pound draw weight
  • RangeMaster Pro Scope mounted on machined aluminum 7/8-inch...
  • ACUdraw cocking mechanism
  • In-stand detach 3-arrow quiver

Ten of Point’sPoint’s Vapor is an elite class crossbow. Many companies’ latest technology, features, and versions all lie in Ten Point’s span. These include a Power Touch trigger, a woven carbon-fiber rail, Bullpup-style stockIsotope limbs, HE2 cams, and much more. This article will learn why the tenpoint vapor cross is always popular among hunters and target shooters. 

Pros and cons of Ten Point Vapor:

  • Tenpoint vapor is capable of hitting right on the target up to 50 yards distance.
  • This is a lightweight crossbow and sturdy construction and fulfills all safety parameters.
  • The covers a wide span of archers; it doesn’t matter the age and skill level.
  • these crossbow features enhance its accuracy.
  • One thing that creates some confusion over its draw, and this model comes with the ACU 50, which means it has a very cocking speed.

Vapor Assembling:

While we look for high speed and power crossbow, the essential aspect that we cannot neglect is its construction; construction of anything plays an essential role in its performance and design; assembling of vapor will affect its performance and even make it dangerous. But in the case of ten-point vapor, you don’t need to worry because it comes with a well-designed, assembling, and lightweight crossbow and provides maximum speed and performance. During the draw and release, the parallel designed limbs offer plenty of support and stability while to make accuracy perfect carbon fiber work. This crossbow has a tiny size of 12.6 inches, and it makes it easy to shoot also maneuver anywhere. When you hold this crossbow in your hands, you will appreciate the way it was assembled.

Ten-point vapor design:

Design is the first thing that attracts customers; it is the most crucial aspect when purchasing it. Vapor is a well-designed crossbow; “Mossy oak pattern on the limbs helps hunters blend with the surrounding. Ten-point vapor is slightly smaller in size than similar models, but it facilitates more to young archers; they can easily hold it can set theirs without carrying a heavy crossbow. It has 12.6 inches in size from axle to axle, and it still packs plenty of power with the help of a smooth cam system. Its 3.5-pound trigger is effortless to pull, but still, the hunter feels little crisp to prevent accidental fires. The manufacturer fit dry inhibitor in a ten-point vapor crossbow to avoid damage and misfires, so it’s almost safe to hold. Carbon fiber barrel is an important feature that slightly angles that help prevent painful finger injuries and improve shots accuracy.


If you are looking for a crossbow capable of high speed and performance, then ten-point vapor is made precisely for you. Safety was kept in mind by the manufacturer while it was designed. It was assembled very strongly and built-in last for a lifetime for safe and comfortable fire. It has 165 pounds of draw weight, and this crossbow is capable of firing speed 360 feet per second. In this crossbow, HE cams were placed to draw and release arrows with an extra energy package. 


The tenpoint vapor comes with dozens of features included with the vapor, that why every consumer wants to hold it desperately. Hunter always avoids noise-producing crossbows, but in vapor, the manufacturer designed it with a dampening system, which is very useful and excels in reducing the noise, so you don’t need to worry about your reveal of existence. When your bow is in silent mode, it makes it easier for a human to hit your target even if you missed your first shot.

Ten-point vapor is almost a complete package; you don’t need to do anything, and you can go hunting immediately with its adjustable scope and aluminum mount. The scope’s weight is negligible and doesn’t add burden on the crossbow, but by setting this on the crossbow, you can hit 40 yards away. For the setup of the crossbow, a helpful DVD will guide you step by step, and you must take a protective case while going on the journey because it makes it easy to take the crossbow with you. This package also includes carbon fiber points and arrows to practice immediately with the bow.

Final Words:

If you are looking for a high speed, lightweight, and powerful crossbow, you should keep the Ten Point crossbow in your considerations. It’sIt’s unique concerning specifications incredibly innovative split limbs design and powerful HE cams system, which makes you able to blend with the surrounding and accurate high-speed shots. It has an adjustable scope which has a capacity of up to 50 yards distance.

Ten-point vapor is compact in size and less in weight, so it suits everyone young archers and adults as well; You don’t do anything regarding it. It’s the complete package you need to set the scope, and the crossbow will be ready for practice. 

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