Best TenPoint Venom Crossbow ACU50 Review 2020

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Ten-point Venom Crossbow with ACU50 Reviews

The TenPoint Venom Crossbow is entirely accurate and quite powerful. It means that it is very light in weight and design so that every hunter feels comfortable while hunting. However, it also not difficult to maneuver in a tree stand and blind of any size, even a chair blind.

TenPoint Venom Crossbow with ACUdraw
  • Venom combines TenPoint's popular FSB stock and a new...
  • Super light and ultra-compact
  • Shoots up to 372 fps

TenPoint Venom Crossbow is very popular for its blazing speed and effectiveness. By holding Venom in your hand, you can participate in any legal hunting game of the country. Target shooters must be prepared to go through many targets and always make it clear that you have an adequate backstop to place arrows to save yourself from further bothering. It’s very outstanding.

Suppose you are a hunter and looking for a killer crossbow for hunting and shooting. Once, it would help if you considered Venom ten-point. Ten Point is among those manufacturers who produce top-notch crossbows without sacrificing speed and power Crossbows. They developed this crossbow very lightweight and compact without sacrificing speed and power. If you have enough finance and can easily afford this crossbow, then this is made for you.

If you are consistently looking for a lightweight and compact crossbow for hunting, you should consider Venom ten Point. It’s slightly expensive compared to other models, but when you hold this crossbow and take you to aim, you will feel that you had an incredible deal of money.

Pros and cons of Ten-point Venom crossbow:

  • Very lightweight and extremely compact design.
  • The capacity of up to 372 fps.
  • It has a very smooth performance with ACU50.
  • It features durable and well-balanced construction.
  • This doesn’t fit all crossbow hunters because of high prices; just some people can afford it.


Ten-print Venom comes with robust construction. In ten-point Venom, they fitted libs which give plenty of power, while to make sure the smooth and power draw, HE cam system attached with it. The short 19.5-inch carbon barrel does not put a heavy burden on the crossbow, and it gives a straightforward way for your arrow moves towards the target. As the Venom crossbow features a lightweight and compact build, it is incredibly comfortable and productive for most target shooters.

The most crucial factor of ten-point Venom is its assembling. While you are looking for a crossbow ten-point, Venom is unignorable. Every crossbow hunter wants a lightweight crossbow, assemble sturdily and well balanced. In case of the heavyweight crossbow, you will tire too early on your hunting way, your arm can cause fatigue and your hands to wobble, and when you pull the trigger for your shot, most probably your aim will be missed ruin everything otherwise perfect shot. Mostly crossbows of heavyweight are unbalanced, and it will lead to dangerous results.

Design of Ten Point Venom:

Ten-point Venom is beautiful for its style; it was designed so beautifully and stole the heart of every hunter. It’s trendy for Venom that it catches the eye of a hunter at first glance. From its design, it looks quite robust and compact. It was printed with “oak Mossy” camouflage, which helps the hunter blend with the surrounding; thus, the hunter conceals himself from the wild animals. It was appreciated by everyone, according to its measuring. It is 17.6 inches from axle to axle and 34.6 inches in length. It’s designed is universal kids and adults both can easily hold this. It is a very modern and professional crossbow.

Along with designing an attractive crossbow, Ten Point also makes it definite that it is secure for archers at all skill levels to use. The “bullpup” style stock makes your shoulder more comfortable and confident so that you can take safe aim, and the HE cam system struggles to minimize painful vibrational shock. It’s effortless to pull a 3.5-pound trigger but still has enough resistance to protect from accidental misfires. Besides the dry fire inhibitor, the crossbow is also designed with a safety switch, but there is an audible fire in the Venom that can startle your prey hunters should keep it remember.

Specifications Ten Point Venom:

TenPoint Venom Crossbow comes with an excellent package of features. It comes fully prepared; you just need to unbox it and can immediately go hunting. It is effortless to set up, and the adjustment of its sight is also effortless. Venom can aim with the help of a scope up to 40 yards. When this range exceeds, you have to face difficulty to set your aim. The crossbow package also includes the Bowjax dampening kit, which is very efficient to eliminate any extra noise that can startle your prey. Although the dampener will keep silent to all twangs produced by strings, it makes an audible track despite all of this.

Convenient quiver also comes with its package along with six strong carbon tipped arrows. ACU draw 50 V is the crucial feature of this crossbow. It will effectively reduce this crossbow’s draw weight up to 50 percent and play a smooth and easy pull. It makes it more comfortable to hold the draw for a more extended period, but your upper body strength also matters.

Performance Ten Point Venom:

TenPoint Venom Crossbow performance is outstanding; you will fall in love when you practice with it in the fields because it works so smoothly. Very compact crossbow, HE cams system is an elegant feature that helps smooth and easy draw, and behind every shot, It produces plenty of energy. In other crossbows, enough energy is wasted in the interest and painful vibrations, but it utilizes it in producing more power shots in Venom’s case.

If we are talking about its performance, how is it possible we do not discuss its speed? Venom is capable of 342 feet per second speed. It is more than enough speed and can easily down your prey. It is a lightweight crossbow and can easily carry by a human being in the fields without tiredness.

Final Words:

Ten Point Venom comes with blistering velocity and slams down takedown ability. The shorter stocks fit comfortability against your shoulders, and the HE cams system helps to inject maximum energy on arrows without producing painful vibrations. It’s the universal crossbow, both kids and adults easily can hold this, and you can use it in every season and anywhere you want to hunt. It lies at a higher-end of the price spectrum. Due to this reason, it might be out of range for those who don’t afford it. Some people don’t mind spending money on this crossbow, and they believe that this crossbow is for them.

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